I am writing about the finals in dance.  It was at Disneyland hotel.   They have a huge stage in the Disneyland Ballroom!!  I'm doing a dance called BlackBird. I do a press-up from the ground and into a handstand and I pirouette on my hands on top of the birdcage.  And the birdcage is really high, it's like 6 feet high!  And we took first place overall! Every single time,  well almost every single time.  And I also do a layout stepout and a back tuck too!  Then,  after the awards, we went in the pool at .........Disneyland!

Thunderstruck Regional Dance Competition 2012

I am writing about my dance competition.  I had so much fun over there!   I won lightning gold for my jazz solo and another lightning gold for my lyrical called Quiet My Heart.  I did tumbling in my jazz solo, and I slipped on my front ariel, but I still got 6th place overall. Later,  I had a snow cone and got to hang out with my friends.  I had lots of fun today!!!

It is my Birthday today!

I had a fun day with my friends Dani and Jeanne.  We went to Disneyland and rode on at least 10 rides.  We did fun things all day long.  We ate at the Blue Bayou restaurant.  I had steak, my favorite!  We all got mouse ears.   Mine said, "It is my Birthday." I wore them for like 1 minute and then they bugged me.  My favorite part of the day was riding splash mountain twice in a row and watching Dani get soaked.  I didn't even get wet at all!  I got and Ipod 4 and almost lost it already.  I am so tired now..  And usually I am never tired.